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Here are some of the NEUVLE guides!

How to access my NEUVLE account?

To gain access to NEUVLE, you need an account with username and password.

NOTE: Please ensure that your SchoolAutomate account is ACTIVE and ACCESSIBLE, otherwise request an account reset through the helpdesk form.


NEUVLE Helpdesk form

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Special Announcements

                     (K-12 AND COLLEGE STUDENTS)

 1. Your username for NEUVLE will contain the letter “g” plus your student number,
           for example:    g20-10021-453

 2. The default password is your SchoolAutomate password.

 3. Upon logging in to your NEUVLE account, please update your profile, especially your email address which should be active.  

 4. You will need your email address when you use the “Forgotten Password” feature, receiving announcements and notifications.

What is New!

The educational platforms have changed the educational training offering new possibilities to the students and the teaching staff.

Simple and streamlined

Access training anytime, anywhere

Animated & interactive with quizzes

Registration and tracking of a student’s progress

More comfortable learning environment

Enforce flexibility

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For Online Classes in NEUVLE
Can desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones be used?

NEUVLE is accessed through a web browser on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The system requirements for the NEUVLE user are modest. All you really need is a solid, reliable internet connection and a modern web browser. However, in general these are the minimum system requirements that we should consider necessary to run efficiently on your system and enable you to participate in the course effectively.

  • NEUVLE can be used through desktop, tablet, laptop and any smartphone.
  • Microphones and speakers, or headsets are necessary.
  • Though NEUVLE can be accessed using free data, for optimal use, we recommend an Internet connection of at least 2Mbps.
  • The browser must be set to accept cookies and to show the newest version of a page.
  • Pop‐up blockers should be disabled.